Mellenaj: The Genesis

Born on the tiny island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines where life was simple. The grass was green and the tap water had only one temperature….COLD!! There was one television station and one radio station, most homes didn’t have a telephone and the bathroom was outside.

School days were the best. I walked to Primary School with my friends and played all afternoon; jump rope, hop scotch, moral, cricket, soccer, we would play and snack on whatever fruit was in season until it was dinnertime.

Saturday was cleaning and market day, also time for baking fresh homemade bread and cake. If you had a TV, it was time to watch WWF, which is now WWE, and in the afternoon we watched westerns such as Gunsmoke, Rawhide and Bonanza; the A Team was big also and so was Knight Rider. Going to the beach was an adventure, picking fruits along the way, teasing dogs and cows and just generally joking around; we would stay on the beach until sunset.

Sunday was all about sports and church.  I would watch F1 races and soccer with my Dad and after lunch and a nap, we would get dressed in our Sunday best and take a stroll either to a local soccer match or just chatting with friends while partaking in sweet or savory items from local vendors; sugar cakes, tamarind balls, boiled and roasted corn, just to name a few.

Much of that has changed but the memories live on in my mind and have helped to shape my character and that of my friends and family. We’re easy going, fun loving people and we never miss an opportunity to tell others where we’re from, how we lived and how beautiful our island was and still is.

This blog is my voice, it’s my journey from island girl to wherever the road leads…..join me!!

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